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Volunteers forIsolated Student Education have their own web site at check it out if you are interested.

ITTO - Internet To The Outback is a part of VISE dedicated to helping families in the outback to experience the power of the Internet, and to assist with education and rural needs. 

The first trip that I made for ITTO was in mid-1999 to beautiful Cooktown in far North Queensland - if you are interested in the reasonably technical report (but it has some pictures as well!), it can be found here.

VISE and other volunteers may find my "Introduction to the Internet" course notes useful when teaching in the Outback. The zip file is about 665Kb which un-zips to fit onto a standard 1.4Mb floppy disk. You can un-zip directly to a floppy disk but be sure to retain the sub-folder structure - there is a sub-folder called "smh". When unzipped if the file start.htm is opened in your web browser, the rest should be reasonably self explanatory. I'd be most grateful for any comments or suggestions to improve the notes. They are updated each semester when I use them during adult education evening classes. Start the download by clicking here.