Yacht club meeting

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Here's a couple of photos of those who attended the first 99 reunion "planning meeting".


For those who were not there - and after nearly 40 years for some - perhaps I'd better annotate!

Sitting (from left) - Gloria (of Roy and Gloria fame) then Pete Bryan (of Pete fame - looking disgustingly fit in his bike gear).

Standing (from left). Me (looking disgustingly unfit) , Dave Armon and Helen, Pat O'Connor and Margorie (tying to hide behind Mel Bailey - and that's pretty hard to do). Beside Mel is my wife Betty. Behind her is Roy Stewart and Allan Bailey beside him. Then the everlasting John Evans (Sue couldn't make it that day - nor could John & Sylvia Flaxman that time). Lastly the everlasting Edie Kattenhorn (ex-Bryan!). Unfortunately Ginge Booth had to leave early before we got to the photography.

Picture #2 is much the same as #1!