Apollo – 11 Moon landing
40th Anniversary celebration lunch

A very special event


On the 21st July 2009 it will be exactly 40 years since Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the moon – a defining moment in 20th century history. Many people do not realise that the first pictures from the lunar surface (the most requested news clip of all time) were sent to the world from the ACT. So it follows that the event was one of the major events in the history of the ACT and Australia.

There were probably 4-500 people actively involved in that historic event around Australia including 200 or more in the ACT. We have held reunions and celebrations every 5 years or so and will be holding a 4 day reunion this year. Realistically it will be the last major anniversary that will be attended by many who took part, so we intend to make it a good one!

Of the 4 days – the ‘signature’ event will be the lunch on the 21st July. We are lucky in Australia that the first steps occurred at approximately 12:50 pm.  5 years ago we played a brand new DVD of the video (plus several of the operational voice loops) in synchronism with the time of the actual events. We intend to do the same thing (but using even better video) this year. We will also be launching at least one new book and DVD, having a video conference with Houston participants, and possibly some of the astronauts.

We expect the event will be attended by ACT and Federal government officials, the American Ambassador, the NASA representative in Australia and other dignitaries. Several TV channels attended the 35th Anniversary lunch and this year we expect there will be more publicity including a possible ABC radio live outside broadcast.

The event will provide excellent publicity for any organisation interested in sponsorship. We would appreciate an appointment to discuss the possibilities with you.

We have made a booking for the function to be held in the ballroom of the new conference section of the Southern Cross Club in Woden.


John Saxon (30 years with NASA)
Chair of the coordinating committee
Contact: (02) 6161-1524 or 0421-431-898
www.jsaxon.org  and www.honeysucklecreek.net