Other Events

There are many other events celebrating Apollo-11 40th Anniversary around Australia and the World, as well as Canberra of course.

Here are the ones I know about in chronological order - check 'em out!

DATE/time from/to EVENT Web Site or Info Comments
Fri 8th May 10pm and 9th May 3pm Jazz concerts - "From the Earth to the moon and back again" www.cimf.org.au/default.asp?id=100 Childers Street theatre Canberra City
May 25th to Sep 13th Display of original Apollo-11 memorabilia www.powerhousemuseum.com/ Sydney Power house museum foyer
Sat 30th May 2:30pm Australian Science Festival "Apollo and the ACT" talk http://sciencefestival.com.au/asf/?p=651 Yours truly trying to whip up enthusiasm for the 40th. At the Canberra Convention Centre
Nights of 9th May or 7th June "The Moon for all Mankind" www.astronomy2009.org/news/updates/203 Countries compete for the best optical telescope pictures to build a new mosaic of the moon
June 27th & Jul 18th & 19th "Echoes of Apollo" http://echoesofapollo.com Billed as "The world's biggest space party" Bouncing voice and other signals off the moon
July 11th Open Day theme Air and Space http://castlehill.powerhousemuseum.com
Power house museum Sydney.
July 11th & July 20th Madrid Apollo-11 celebrations www.honeysucklecreek.net/news They are going to celebrate in Spain!
14th July evening 4-8pm 'Race to the moon' (2004)movie at NLA Canberra www.nla.gov.au/events/showevent.html?q=49140 To be introduced by Astronaut Jim Riley
21st July 6pm "Apollo and Australia's role" www.raes.org.au/canberra-branch Mike Dinn presentation at RAES Canberra
18th July Ex-Carnarvon space trackers reunion www.crotrak.com/CRO_40th_
Perth Dinner Celebration
18th July 11am "40 years of Lunar Science" at Questacon Canberra www.questacon.edu.au/ Mike Dinn & Hamish Lindsay with Ross Taylor and Marc Norman.
18th July 40th Anniversary celebration Slater South Carolina http://www.slaterhallsc.org/events.html They made the Apollo-11 Spacesuit material
18th & 19th July Apollo-11 movies in Federation Square Melbourne www.space.asn.au Space Association of Australia - Melbourne
18th & 19th July Parkes Radio telescope special open days http://preview.tinyurl.com/cl2lcj
All sorts of good celebration events
19th July Smithsonian IMAX theatre Washington DC USA http://www.nasm.si.edu/events/event Detail.cfm?eventID=1378 A11 crew and Chris Kraft 40th Anniversary Lecture
19th July "As we shall return" Lecture by Dr Lee JPL www.powerhousemuseum.com/whatson/ talks_afternoon.asp At Powerhouse museum Sydney
20th July 6-7pm Dr Karl & Adam Spencer "Did they or didn't they?" http://tinyurl.com/kj4fw4
University of Sydney. Footbridge Theatre
20th July 7:30 pm Movie "The right Stuff" in the Astor Theatre St. Kilda www.space.asn.au Space Association of Australia - Melbourne
21st July 6pm "Apollo and Australia's role" Lecture by Mike Dinn www.raes.org.au/canberra-branch Presentation at RAES Canberra. ADFA
19th thru 22nd July Canberra Apollo-11 40th Anniversary celebrations http://tinyurl.com/a1140th OUR EVENTS!
22nd July "Apollo-11 one giant leap for mankind" Lecture by Kerrie Dougherty www.powerhousemuseum.com/whatson/ talks_afternoon.asp At Powerhouse museum Sydney
23rd July 6:00pm "As we shall return" Lecture by Wayne Lee. NASA JPL hhttp://www.questacon.edu.au/ In the Japan Theatre Questacon Canberra
26th July "Return to the moon" Lecture by Dr Morris Jones www.powerhousemuseum.com/whatson/ talks_afternoon.asp At Powerhouse museum Sydney
28th to 30th July Carnarvon Apollo-11 40th Anniversary celebrations cro@dench.net Celebrations in Carnarvon WA

I know there are many other EVENTS out there - please let me know and I'll add them to the list.


John Saxon 10Jul2009