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This is the current list of attendees at all the functions.

First Name Surname Badge Information
Janice Aldworth Keith S.O.
Keith Aldworth Keith Aldworth
Tricia Allen  
Bette Anderson Stan's Wife  ARIA Control  67-71
Stanley E "Stan" Anderson NCOIC ARIA Control 67-71
 Nora Arroya  
Peter Aylward Apollo Enthusiast - The Space Association of Australia -Victoria
Aaron Baggio Royal Australian Mint
Vince  Bagusauskas Apollo Enthusiast: Skipped Primary School to watch the event
Dr Miriam Baltuck Director CDSCC & NASA Operations CSIRO
Beth Barnes Ross SO
Ross Barnes HSK 69-74
Peter Barrett Apollo Enthusiast Canberra Skeptics
Sally Bensley Royal Australian Mint
Gary Bergman Space and Science Enthusiast
Harrison Bergman Space and Science Enthusiast (potential Astronaut)
Rod Blackburn Interested Observer
Patrick Boland Apollo17 Servo Tech HSK
Clare Borchers Apollo Enthusiast
Tony Bourne Tony Bourne Orroral 74-84 Tidbinbilla 84-06
Galen Brambley Apollo Enthusiast
Lisa Brambley Apollo Enthusiast
Kartika Brand Future Australian Astronaut
Robert Brand Apollo-11 comms/OTC Sydney "Echoes of Apollo" Global events manager
John Brodribb Apollo Enthusiast
Noel Brodribb Apollo Enthusiast
Clive Broomfield Tech C Orroral
Elizabeth Broomfield Clive's SO
Anne Brown-Bryan SO of Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan TID 1968 - 1972
Dion Buck Royal Australian Mint
Robert Bunzli Questacon
Joy Burch MLA Representing the Chief Minister
Gregory Burn Apollo Enthusiast
Raymond Burn Apollo Enthusiast
Samuel Burn Apollo Enthusiast
Vanessa Burn Apollo Enthusiast
 Pat Burt  
Ingrid Burt  
Kevin Burt  
Evan Burton Apollo Enthusiast
Jennifer Burton Stew's SO
Stewart Burton TID
Prof Harvey Butcher Director Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics Mt Stromlo & Siding Spring
Ann Byrne Who could forget where they were on that day!
Hilary Caldwell John Saxon S.O.
Jessica Caldwell John Saxon S.O.
Tamara Caldwell John Saxon S.O.
Ellis Campbell TID 1972 -1981
Shaughn Carney Apollo Enthusiast
Dr Kimberley Clayfield Executive Manager CSIRO Space Sciences & Technology
Dan Clune Chargé d'Affaires American Embassy 
Sylvia Cobden  
Tony Cobden HSK 69-71
Ann Cochran Col's SO
Colin Cochran  HSK 69 to 74
Elain Collier  
Merv Commons JohnS Friend - Apollo Enthusiast
 Haydyn Cotter SO HSK ORR VLY 71-75
Barbara Cotter HSK-X ORR VLY 71-75
Dafydd Cotter SO HSK ORR VLY 71-75
Russell Cotter Canberra kid of the 70s with a bedroom door full of manned space flight mission stickers
Blake Craig Apollo Enthusiast
Ian Craig Apollo Enthusiast
Jane Craig Watctched it live, fascinated ever since
Terry  Craig Moonstruck!
Geoff Crane Apollo Enthusiast/media
Christina Crowe John's Wife
John Crowe HSK 1966-69 PKS 1969
Graham Daly Apollo Enthuiast
Terry Davies HSK
Stephen Dean Orroral Valley 1968 - 1976
Robert (Hardy) Dey HSK 70-75
Melissa Dinn Mike's DiL
Mike Dinn DSS42 66-67 HSK 67-70 CDSCC 70-73 83-94
Peter Dinn Mike's Son
Terry Dinn HSK Security Guard 80-82
Trudy Dinn Mike's SO
Frances Doherty Mike's wife
Michael Doherty HSK & TID 68-74
Anita  Doll American Embassy
Michael Doll Apollo Enthusiast
Fay Dougherty Space Enthusiast
Kerrie Dougherty Powerhouse Museum
Michael Doyle Research Support Manager NASA Operations CSIRO
Robyn Duffy Apollo Enthusiast
 Robbie Duncanson  
Alice Duncanson  
Fiona Duncanson  
Ashley Dunn Apollo Enthusiast
Jean Dunn  
Eric duPlessis Kate SO
Kate duPlessis Kate Larkin duPlessis
Jack Dwyer Newcastle Space Frontier Society
Ken Edgar Ian's son
Loretta Edgar Ian's SO
Navin Edwin Hamish's SO
Bruce Ekert PMG Dept HSK-Williamsdale-Canberra-Microwave Link
Claudio Ellero Apollo Enthusiast
Lorraine Ellero Apollo Enthusiast
Garry Elphinstone TID 67-71 Comms Tech
Lynn Elphinstone TID 68 Admin
Samantha Engel Royal Australian Mint
Michael Evenett HSK
Phyllis Evenett Michael's SO
Nevil Eyre Cooby/HSK/TID (66-99)
Susan Eyre Nevil's SO
gisela farrell Robert's SO
robert farrell ORRORAL VALLEY
Cyril Fenwick HSK/TID 1966-1994
Shirley Fenwick Cyril's SO
Caroline Finlay Stirling's SO
Stirling Finlay HSK 1973-77
John Flaxman TID
Mandy Flaxman John's Daughter
Vince Ford Mt Stromlo Observatory Canberra Astronomical Society
Agnes Foster Alan's SO
Alan Foster R.E.1 HSK
Peter Foster The Moonwalk was on my Birthday
Mike Fowler School Manager Research school of Astronomy and Astrophysics Mt Stromlo
Angela Fraser Ian Fraser's SO
Graham Fraser HSK 68-72
Louise Fraser Graham's SO
Joanne Frederickson Apollo Enthusiast
Jackie French  
Bob Garrett DOS American Projects 64-67 68-70 (TID 69)
Dana Garrett  
Colin Gerada Tony's SO
Margaret Gerada Tonys SO
Tony Gerada HSK 66-81  TID 81-83
Jenny  Godin Apollo Enthusiast
Paul Godin Apollo Enthusiast
Ralph Goslin ORR 67-71 HSK 78-81 TID 81-84
 Renee Graham Space Flight Enthusiast
Don Gray Stadir Island Lagoon Tid Hsk ACRES 63-89
Peg Gray Don's Wife
Georgia Gregg Future Space Scientist
John Gregg Apollo Enthusiast
Ian Hahn HSK Power House
Brian Hale  HSK 71-78 TID 93-06
Lenore Hale Brian's SO
Len Halprin Apollo Enthusiast - The Space Association of Australia -Victoria
Andrew Hamilton Engineer TID 90 - 97
Graeme Hargrave Patricia SO
Patricia Hargrave NSF 1969
John Hart HSK 69-80 TID 80-00
Kathleen Hart Support from 69-2000
Joe Hattley Canberra Astronomical Society
Maureen Hay Walt Larkin's Daughter
Richard Hay Maureen's SO
Joan Heath John Heath's SO
John Heath TID 63-69 ILS 69-73
Patrick Helian Questacon & MC extrodinaire
Alec Hempstead Deakin Comms Centre
Doreen Hempstead Alec's SO
Graham Hemsworth Apollo Enthusiast
John Hemsworth PMG Comms, HSK & ORR 65-70
Penny Hemsworth Apollo Enthusiast
Chris Hendry Scott's Wife
Scott Hendry HSK Voyager 1 & 2 - First shuttle launch
Clifford Hicks NASA Switching Centre Deakin
Robin Hicks Ron's SO
Ron Hicks Computer Engineer NASA Project Apollo
Rex Hofmeier HSK 66-72
David Holden Apollo Enthusiast
Leonie Hoorweg ORR 1965-69/HSK 69-74
Alexander Hope Andrew's S.O.
Andrew Hope Orroral Valley
Steve Howard Apollo Enthusiast & Astronomy Aficionado
Paul Hutchinson HSK 1968 - 1981
 Richard Jacobsen Deputy Director CDSCC CSIRO
David Jauncey Radio Astronomer Tid 69, Tid 74 - 2009
David Johns David Johns  CRO 70-74
Madge Johnson HSKX 66-73
Eric Jones Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
John Jorritsma TID 65 - 81
Tony Jurd HSK 71-74
Lisha Kayrooz Apollo Enthusiast
Barbara Kayrooz (nee St TID 74-76 Secretary to Tom Reid Tidbinbilla Enthusiast
Brenda Kidd Michael's SO
Michael Kidd Yarralumla Nursery
Jim Kirkpatrick HSK/CDSCC 1966/95
Margaret Kirkpatrick Jim's Wife
Angelo Klin Space/Moon/Robots/Computers Enthusiast
Barbara Langeveld Rudi's SO
Rudi Langeveld TID 64 - 73
Elizabeth Lindsay Hamish's SO
Hamish Lindsay CRO HSK 66-81
Rebecca Lindsay Hamish's SO
Paul Lindwall Apollo Enthusiast
Jean Linney Mike's SO
Michael Linney HSK  1966  -  1974
Roy Livermore CDSCC
Betty Lloyd Ray's SO
Terry Lloyd HSK 1969
John Lovering Apollo Sample Researcher
Kerry Lovering Apollo Sample Researcher Partner
Colin Mackellar HSK website
Janelle Mackellar Married to Colin
Edie Maier Phil's SO
Phil Maier HSK 73-77  TID 77-80  SkyLab   DSN
Kathleen Mallis JPL Retiree
Richard Mallis Deep Space Network Operations
James Masocco Apollo Enthusiast
JoAnn McGreevy Space Flight Enthusiast
Louise McGreevy Space Flight Enthusiast particularly role of HSK
Rod McTaggart Apollo Enthusiast
John Mennie HSK 67-72
Tom Mercer STADAN Orroral Valley 1965-68 26m Dish Driver
Jan  Moore Ken's SO
Ken Moore HSK 78-81 TID 81-86 Antenna Maintenance
Aaimi Morris Apollo Enthusiast
Darrell Morris Apollo Enthusiast
Arch Morrison MSFN Project Officer American Projects Branch Dept of Supply 67-72
Trevor Mosel CRO 1967 to 1973
Valerie Mosel Wife of Trevor Mosel CRO
 Damon Mudge Space Enthusiast
Paul Mullen HSK 66-81 TID 81_98
Felicity  Mullens Royal Australian Mint
Penny Neuendorf Ex CDSCC John Saxon SO
Terry Neuendorf Current CDSCC
Jeff Newnham TID 63-73
Jim O'Brien TID 81-03
Marjorie O'Connor SO Pat O'Connor TID
Timothy Olin CDSCC 09-
Darren Osborne ABC On-Line
Elizabeth Owttrim Gordon's SO
Gordon Owttrim ORR 65-84 TID 84-97
Hugh Parker ORRORAL VALLEY 72-85  TID 85-94
Ross Parkes Apollo Enthusiast
Ken Parrington Engineer TID 86-96
Mike Petkovic CASE/YASSA Space Schools Australia
Colin Phillips Watched as a 7 year old child!
Carmel Pistoor Carmel Pistoor
Peter Pistoor ILS 64-66TID 66ATS 66-70 ILS 70-72 TID 72-79 ALS/ACRES 79-98
Colin Power HSK Comms 1969-74
Joan Power TID Admin 1968-69 NSF Comms Op 1969-71
Ced Pratt PMG Central Canberra 64-75
Greg Prindable Ex-CSIRO
Kathy Pybus Friend of Ron and Robin Hicks
Terry Pybus Friend of Ron and Robin Hicks
Joan Rae Roy's SO
Roy Rae HSK 73-81  "FACILITIES" Section  to the Last Day & CLOSURE
David Ralph HSK 68-73
Pauline Ralph Dave's SO
Kim Rawlings Canberra Astronomical Society Mt Stromlo Observatory
Penina Reid American Embassy
Andrew Rennie Apollo Enthusiast - The Space Association of Australia -Victoria
Dave Rodda CRO 68-69
Dr. Denise Ropert Apollo Enthuiast
Dr Phil Rutherford HSK 73-74  Skylab I - III
Robyn Rutherford Phil's SO
Yulia Salmina Wife of Bruce Ekert
Vickie Salmon Space Enthusiast
tony salvage RLAKE-63-64 DSS41-64-67 TWBA-67-68 HSK-69-79
Neil Sandford HSK RF & Sim Supervisor. July 1971 -1982 (closure) then TID
Verena Sandford Neil's Better half!!!
John  Sarkissian Operations scientist CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope
Shirley Sattler  
Betty Saxon John's SO
Catherine Saxon John's Daughter
John Saxon HSK 66-81 TID 81-95 JPL 95-97
Sheri Saxon Tim's SO
Tim Saxon John's Son
Anna Saxon-Taylor John's Sister
Colin Schmutter TID 78-88
Raquel Schmutter Col's SO
Geoff Seymour HSK 68-75
Pat Seymour  
Ken Sheridan HSK 68-71
 Anwyn Shoemark Apollo Enthusiast
Amanda Shoemark Apollo Enthusiast
 Colin Simpson Apollo Enthusiast
Bernard Smith HSK 66-79  ORR 80-81 USB and Computers
Graham Smith Acting CEO Royal Australian Mint
Jim Smith HSK 73-81 ORR 81-86
Marie Smith Wife of Bernard HSK 66-79
Brendan Smyth Member ACT Legislative Assembly. Apollo Enthusiast
David Stallard Eric's SO
Eric Stallard HSK 66-71
Jonathan  Stallard Eric's SO
Martin Stallard Eric's SO
Mick Stanic Founder of Honeysuckle Creek Pty Ltd
Ross Stephens Space enthusiast
Richard Stubbs HSK 71-76
Bryan Sullivan HSK   66 - 74
John Swannie ORR 65-68 Ops Co-ord CRO 68-72 Computer Supvr
Peter Taylor Apollo Enthusiast and Educator
Ross Taylor LSPET Houston July 1969 and ANU 1970 to 1990
Stephanie Tolson John & Betty's Neighbour
Andrew Tupalski HSK on the Day!
Milton Turner CRO 66-69 TID 69-70 HSK 70-75
Judith Van der Putten Tony's wife HSK 68-70 75-79
Tony Van der Putten HSK 68-70 75-79
Rose Vella Jurd Network Support Services
John Vincent ORR 1967 - 1970
Ed von Renouard "Video Von" HSK Apollo7 - Skylab
Michael von Renouard Son of "Video Von"
David Wellings Booth TID 67-72
Ronald Wells Tranquillity Enterprises - CEO & Apollo Lunar Surface Journal- Contributing Editor
Kevyn Westbrook GCC Muchea,Installation Supervisor CARNARVON, Station Manager Canberra Switching Center
Les  Whaley STF-18 Woomera 63-65, TID 65-72
Andrew  White Canberra Astronomical Society
Ursula White Canberra Astronomical Society
Bruce Withey HSK Nov66-Feb69 Recorders
Lyn Withey Wife of Bruce HSK 66 -69
Nick Wolanin Apollo Enthusiast
Bill Wood Goldstone Apollo


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