Day 4 - 22nd July

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The relaxed wind up - Both movies were enjoyed by all I think - and there was an added bonus of a solar eclipse relayed to the theatre direct from Japan. Again - before the event I wrote:

"Should be on the home straight by now......

You are invited to a special showing of two full length Apollo movies! These will be the first public showings in Australia of both movies.

With many thanks to the Director of Questacon - we have been given the facilities of their Theatre Free......

I am reliably informed that these are great movies and not to be missed. It is expected that they will be released in Australia later this year.


The Movies are:

The first movie is "Live from the Moon" - The story of Apollo Television by the founder and CEO of the company is Mark Gray. Mark has done a lot of the filming for this production including visiting Australia where he talked to some of us old Ex-Apollo guys. We will start the movie at 10am and should be finished by Midday.

You can see some information and a trailer at or for a shorter version.

We are hoping to have a video introduction from Mark in Columbus Ohio and possibly may have some sort of panel discussion/Q & A after it is shown.


The other movie is

'The Wonder of it all'. Produced by Jeff Roth and Paul Basta - see the official web site at The Trailer is really good - but don't even think about it unless you have Broadband!  Click the picture for a larger version. We will start the  introductions at 1:30pm and hope to have a video intoduction from Paul Basta one of the Producers in Los Angeles. We should start the Movie at around 2pm and should be all finished by 4pm.

Dr. Ron Wells has written a good review at

I am happy to say that Dr Wells will be hand carrying the movie from the USA and introducing it.

The film lasts 82 minutes.

Here's a little bit about Ron from his review:
"Ron Wells, a former planetary astronomer and computer specialist, is recently retired from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a contributing editor to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, and is currently the authorized organizational representative of Tranquillity Enterprises, a small company specializing in the photogrammetry of the Moon and planets"

Two movies 'back to back' would be too much for most except the really diehard enthusiasts. The plan is that we would show one in the morning and one in the afternoon with lunch (own cost) in between.
Questacon have a Cafe for a light lunch, the nearby National library has a restaurant and cafe, the National portrait gallery and National Gallery have cafes, the High court has a great restaurant as well a old Parliament house etc. In other words - lots to choose from.

But the theatre only holds a maximum of 167 people - but late arrivals may be accommodated in another theatre next door and all proceedings will be relayed there. Make sure to bring your celebration NAME BADGE - we will probably have to restrict entry to celebration attendees".

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John Saxon 17Dec2009