Introduction To The Internet

by John Saxon (02) 6161-1524


Session 1


Internet applications


Session 2

WWW Browsing



Session 3

Email  News

  Configuring Outlook Express

Using Outlook Express

Session 4

File Transfer

Making Web Pages

Bells and Whistles

These notes are intended to provide a very basic introduction to the Internet. They are meant to be used in a class environment. Each session will take about two hours. The notes are intended to be read with an Internet browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. All the included links will be active if the reading computer is connected to the Internet. If reading at home and not connected - check the address at the bottom of the browser page.

Emphasis is on providing as much information as possible to enable connection to the Internet using a PC and Windows 98/ME/XP. The main software addressed is Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6, for browsing, and Microsoft Outlook Express Version 6 for E-mail and News. There are many other programs available for each of these functions, but Explorer is one of the leaders in browsers, and includes a relatively easy to use package called Outlook Express for mail and news.

I am happy if the notes are used by others in a non-commercial environment, but would appreciate attribution and notification as and when they are used. 

John Saxon. Jan 2003