Knyvett - Saxon - Horneman Reunion
New Zealand March 2013
PAYPAL - You pay the fees!
If you want to buy many items on the Internet or to use Ebay etc. You really should set up a PayPal account. It is by far the most secure method of paying for anything - usually better than giving your credit card to a waiter, certainly much more secure than giving your credit card details to a firm over the phone.
Credit cards are rather insecure - we had $2000 plus deducted from one of my VISA cards 2 YEARS after using it in Singapore. Luckily the bank were onto it very quickly calling me in Canberra and asking if I was in Singapore! They replaced the card within a week or so and it was reasonably painless.
I have no axe to grind about PayPal - except that I have used it for 2-300 transactions on the net with absolutely no problems. So I do suggest that you seriously consider setting up a free account.
Once you have an account it is easy to send money to anyone with an Email address - but normally if you are paying them as a business - they wear the fees. But for the reunion it would be appreciated if you could send the money so that YOU PAY the fees!
But first if you don't have an account - please visit it will probably send you to the web site in your county. You can read all about it and when you are ready you can follow their instructions to 'SIGN UP'. At some stage you will be asked to nominate either a Bank Account and/or a Credit card that can be used to pay or receive money. Here is a HINT: If you use a credit card and are paying the fees - PayPal will charge you an extra 2% so my recommendation is that you use a bank account instead. Some people I know set up a separate low value bank account just to use for PayPal and other on-line payments. But I have never bothered.
Now if you have an account set up and you are logged in - go to the SEND MONEY tab and select the Personal tab which should look something like this picture. Fill out the Email address the amount in NZ dollars (from the drop-down menu). Select the 'Other' radio button option. Then when you are happy - click on the 'Continue' button .
You can review the transaction and the total charge (including fees) in your currency and include an Email to Teri if you wish. Takes much longer to document than it does to just do it!


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John Saxon 6 Oct 2012