Knyvett - Saxon - Horneman Reunion
New Zealand March 2013
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Thank you very much for deciding to join us for the reunion!
Now for the hard part - Payment!  All prices are in  NZ dollars. And please note there is a non refundable portion of the adult registration fee of $25 if you cancel.

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Item Numbers Price Total $
Number of Adults atending the North Island reunion    $85 per head
Number of 13-18 years    $60 per head
Number of children 12 years and under $1 per year of childs age   E.G. 5 years old = $5
Number attending the South Island (inc children) $100 Deposit $100
Total for Reunion fees    

There will be another detailed registration form for the South Island. Wed 6th and Thu 7th March. when we have an idea about how many will be attending.
Publications for Sale - more to follow (Click the name for more details):
Order now or come back later
Postage will be extra if you don't pick up at the reunion.

Item Price Quantity Total $
Address book Included in Registration    
Captains Diary $15
Our Story $15
Excerpts from the Horneman Family Bible $10
Following in their Footsteps $18
Their Journey South CD $33
The Saxon Family Tree and more! DVD $25
Johan ole Horneman Music CD $10 (special reunion price :-)
Knyvett Pioneers $50 special limited edition less 10% if 2 or more are puchased before the reunion.
John Saxon Circa 1655 $20  
Watch this space!      
Total for Publications    

Grand Total (Reunion fees + Any Publications)   $ =

I will pay by

PayPal Please pay and click this link for PayPal instructions - so that YOU pay the fees!
Bank Transfer to 02 0436 0027810 00 BNZ Te Aroha
Cheque made payable to
HKS Families Reunion (Please attach the completed registration form if sending cheque)
Please be sure to select your preferred option above!

Any Other comments 

 Everything O.K?  Then please submit the form and pay by your selected method {:-))


John Saxon 22 Jan 2013