Knyvett - Saxon - Horneman Reunion
New Zealand March 2013
A history of descendants of John Saxon

This 30 plus page booklet is the product of years of research by Maureen Connell (nee Anderson) a descendant of Samuel Saxon (1805-1853) brother of John Saxon (Snr). It's printed on good quality stock with many colour pictures. A great informative read for Saxon descendants.

Full price is $20 and worth twice as much!


Maureen writes in the preface:


I started the quest for my roots in November of 2006. It was quickly revealed to me that there is no single family to research as they all contributed to who I am. One thing is for certain – I come from a rich collection of early settlers that brought with them their strength, determination, courage, resourcefulness, love of family, support of community and willingness to help build New Zealand into a prosperous new nation.


This book has been collated in such a way that you can add new information as it comes to hand and to add your own connection to this book. I believe this book to be a work in progress which will never be finished.


I hope you can spare the time to read this and digest the stories of our heritage and to add your own. If you come across any proven inaccuracies, others bits of information, or stories/pictures you would like to add, please contact me at


It is hard to write about your own life so get the next generation to help you. I was lucky to get most of the stories from Papers Past, an online facility where names can be searched in New Zealand’s early papers. Some stories have come from descendants and other family tree researchers namely John Saxon who says ‘Linda Burge generously donated her researches to add most of the New Zealand   ancestors to our on-line tree. Linda also did much research in UK on the 17th & 18th Century Saxons, and slaved away for months translating all the very difficult wills’.



John Saxon 2 Feb 2013