Knyvett - Saxon - Horneman Reunion
New Zealand March 2013
Knyvett Pioneers





Still wondering what New Year's gift to get for your family?  Or for yourself?

Then this book of family history, of 200 pages and 103 images, could be the answer . . .


Knyvett Pioneers by Barry Mostyn Williams and eight contributors: Gale Arndt, Lanktree Davies, Joy Donald, Margaret Hunter, Deirde Lott, Lola McCormack, Maria Peradenic, and Ann Sampson.

These stories of Knyvett pioneers will be launched at the reunion of the Horneman, Knyvett and Saxon families at Tatuanui (Waikato) 2-3 March 2013. This is a limited edition only, of no more than 50 copies at $50 each. Or a 10% discount if you buy 2 copies before the March 2013 reunion. To avoid disappointment, purchase your copy now.


**Picture of Nelson Haven in 1841 courtesy of the NZ National Library





The contents of the book include


            Edmund Knyvett 1801-75 and his English and New Zealand Families, the Parsons and the Whitehorns


            Gertrude Frederica Knyvett m. Saxon, The Elliotts on a New Zealand Farm, Canterbury Cousins


            William George Knyvett and Descendants


            Frederick Charles Knyvett and Descendants

A Queenslander at Large

            Captain Frank Berners Knyvett in New Zealand

Family Trees

            The Descent of the Knyvetts from Pepin of Landen, Descendants of Edmund Knyvett 1801-75.




John Saxon 24 Dec 2012