Knyvett - Saxon - Horneman Reunion
New Zealand March 2013
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Bring/Send -

Some displays from previous years will be repeated because of their importance and interest level. People also need to send updates for their branch of the Family Tree as well as photos.

What else can you do? Pass the word on - Send us changes to your branch of the family tree [we don't mind getting them more than once] - 31st Dec. is the absolute deadline.
Have you got something that has been lying in the back of a cupboard for 50yrs.? - Ho-hum to you, the rest of us would love to see it, but let us know in advance. We have lockable cabinets, overnight security.
If you're bringing a wall display mount it on A4 or A3 paper and warn us that it is coming. We have a lot of "new" people contacting us - Malpas'; Tarrants; Knyvetts.

Please contact us  ASAP if you have any items you would like us to know about.

For Example:


This early Saxon family bible.

We would be interested in photos or scans.

Click here to show the full sized picture


Or perhaps you have discovered a gravestone - so it would be good to note the location and to take a picture.

This is the grave of James Buller and Clara Saxon in the Nelson Wakapuaka Cemetery

Click here to show the full sized picture



But best of all - if you have any old pictures (even if you don't know who they are - someone else might) or letters and documents. We would love to hear from you!

This picture was taken 'behind the lines' in Flanders during WW1. Ex Nelson college boys organised the group photo. Click here for the full sized picture


Who knows when another opportunity will arise to preserve all of this for future generations. Please let us know what suitable items you may have. Email and we will reply promptly!


JohnSaxon 7 Oct 2012