Knyvett - Saxon - Horneman Reunion
New Zealand March 2013

Captains Diary.

Frederick Edward Horneman.
Recording his family’s journey from England to New Zealand
19 July 1852 to 2 January 1853.

These words from Lola MacCormack (nee Saxon)
"The Captain's Diary" was a best seller in 2002 and we had to have 2 reprints done. The version we are offering for 2013 is being professionally printed - as are most things - It has had input from members of the extended Horneman family to make it more accurate; to make it self-explanatory to modern readers, so there are footnotes, and sketches done by the Captain, as well as lists of seeds they brought with them, etc.. Think of the one you bought in 2002, this is better value for money, and will take pride of place on your bookshelf for many years to come.




John Saxon 21 Dec 2012