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These can be ordered by contacting the originators directly. If in doubt drop John Saxon and Email at jsaxon@pcug.org.au  All prices are in NZ dollars except where noted, postage may not be included.

'Their Journey South'.

The Horneman family history 1605 to 2006 (Click here for full details)
Aus $28 or NZ $33

Captains Diary.

Frederick Edward Horneman.
Recording his family’s journey from England to New Zealand
19 July 1852 to 2 January 1853.

These words from Lola MacCormack (nee Saxon)
"The Captain's Diary" was a best seller in 2002 and we had to have 2 reprints done. The version we are offering for 2007 is being professionally printed - as are most things - It has had input from members of the extended Horneman family to make it more accurate; to make it self-explanatory to modern readers, so there are footnotes, and sketches done by the Captain, as well as lists of seeds they brought with them, etc.. Think of the one you bought in 2002, this is better value for money, and will take pride of place on your bookshelf for many years to come.

$10 each.

History of the Families.

We were very excited by the Blue Book we presented in 2002 giving information about our 3 families. We learnt a lot 5 years ago, AND have been generously supplied with new data from some of you. The book available in March 2007 will blow you away. Christine Stuckey has made this her project. It is interspersed with family photos, and will incorporate the 3 family trees with a significant contribution from Alison Sleath, finally collated by Anne Pouwels [nee Saxon]. Contact Lola McCormack at lolandtony@xtra.co.nz

$12 each  

Excerpts from the Horneman family Bible

Copies of handwritten notes from Horneman Bible - Vol. 4, by F.E. Horneman, recording his family history and births of his children.  And from Lola McCormack (nee Saxon).
"Referring to the Horneman Bible we had restored, while it was apart we had copied, handwitten notes of F.E.Horneman detailing his family history as well as the births of his childern. One of his daughters Frederica, married a Knyvett, another married John Saxon Jnr. We feel the end product, a spirally bound booklet bearing the Horneman coat-of-arms truly captures the times".

Contact Lola McCormack at lolandtony@xtra.co.nz

 Limited edition @ $10 each.

Following in their footsteps
A Travellers' Guide for Horneman descendants:

For people going to Europe, Oz or NZ it gives details of where to find points of interest to our 3 families - churches, burial places, where homes stood, etc., complete with photos. It will have a spiral spine so the traveller can fold back to the page appropriate to where they are. And it will also have a clear front and a hard back.

 The images are of St Mark's Church, Kennington, London, and the plaque in the interior of this church is for Henry Frederick Horneman.


Contact: Alison Sleath at sleaths@acenet.net.au

Limited edition@ $12.50 each.

"The very best of Christian Frederik Emil Horneman"
and the "Forgotten Danish Treasures of Johan Ole Emil Horneman"

Audio CDs @ Aus $35 each (more info)  

 "Strangers and Pilgrims". The VonTunzelman Saga

Bound soft cover book @ $35 (Packing & Postage extra -
see more Info

"The Saxon family tree and more! " 

A CD for use with your PC or MAC. More than you ever wanted to know.

$20 if pre-ordered - AUS $20 if I have to mail after the reunion!
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"Some Knyvett Papers" a CD by Barry Williams

$20 at the reunion - please Email Barry if you would like to reserve a copy.
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If you would like any of the above items - please contact per the individual pages.

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