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 I can hardly describe my efforts as being very professional. Actually my mother did most of the work on the Saxon (and her side - Francis) family trees and around 1980 I just offered to "computerise" the 2000 or so records. But it does gradually get you interested!

Of course, since then many parts of the tree have expanded enormously (maily due to the contributions of many others). The Saxon Tree and my Mother's Francis tree go back to the mid-17th century. My Paternal Great Grandmother's Kendall line now extends back 20 generations to 1270! Again that work has been carried out over many generations of Kendalls and ably brought together and put on-line by my young distant relative Edward Kendall.

The full tree is currently on-line at It is (relatively) navigable once you get the hang of clicking on the 'leaves' attached to various people to load that branch of the tree. Just drop me a line at if you would like to become a member (it's free :-). Non-members cannot view photos and details of living people.
At time of writing the tree includes some 3346 individuals and around 760 photos. So I encourage you to visit, become a member, and post corrections and additions to me (preferably by regular Email to the address above). There is an in-built web mail capability on the MyHeritage site - but I find it rather cumbersome.

There is also a link above to the reunions held in New Zealand in 2002 & 2007 to celebrate the migrations of the Hornemann, Saxon & Knyvett families from England to N.Z. in 1852 & 53. And now there will be another held in March 2013. Click here for more information.

Many Saxons are buried in the yard of Bruton St. Mary's parish church. In 2007 many of us contributed to the transformation of the grave. Click on the link above for details including before and after pictures.

For those who have any interest in the Pickett/Fletcher line, I have posted on Google Picasa pictures of a bunch of old papers and items which I believe were passed onto my Father by Jessica Fletcher. You can find them by clicking HERE.

The Internet is a wonderful resource for genealogists, here's a couple of the huge number of sites.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - an absolutely huge series of links to loads of specialised sites, and..... 

Family search - the complete searchable Church of the Latter Day Saints

Last updated 3 Nov 2012

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