Blue Steel reunion book Errata:

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Can you spot the deliberate mistakes? If so, tell Ginge at or 02-6247-8470. The "experts" have already pointed out some errors an omissions, so get in early before the real experts get to it! For items 2, 6 and 7 – blame Bill Gates and our MS Publisher inexperience!

  1. Page 5 List of Photographs – The launch is from a Victor – XL161, not a Vulcan.
  2. Page 13 – Add to the top of the page please…..
  3. "Once again many thanks for your letter and I will write to you again if and when I have found anything to add to your memorabilia document. My wife also sends greetings to all the wives she knew.


    Shirley Underwood


    From: "John Saxon" <>

    Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 15:21:20 +1100

    Subject: [bluesteel] Reply to Wing Cdr Underwood

    From: "John Saxon" <>

    G'day all,

    If you may be interested - here is my reply to Wing Cdr Underwood All the best.... JohnS


    Dear Wing Cdr Underwood,

    I feel that I must reply to you quickly, to thank you so much for your great letter and superb extra information. I hope that you don’t mind, but I scanned your letter and address list and posted it to our Blue Steel mailing list. I know that many on that list will be most happy to receive your news and to know that you are on the road to recovery after the operation.

    It was great that you took so much trouble to type up your address list. It is almost an "embarasse de riches" at this stage of proceedings! We will try to contact as many of the SA people as soon as possible – they may yet be able to make it to the reunion at the end of April. And we will try to let everyone know what is going on. It’s becoming obvious that the Internet particularly is a great tool for making and maintaining contacts. I have some of my Web site pages dedicated to the reunion and the contact"

  4. Page 19 – The photo was contributed by John Saxon who got it from the Adelaide Advertiser
  5. Page 25 – Elizabeth was named in 1955 not 1965.
  6. We made a hash of Keith Rendell’s article. Page 45, 1st line Peak, Page 46 line 4 ‘located’, lines 9/10 spurious carriage return, line 11 ‘controlled’. Page 47 line 3 ‘Roy’.
  7. Page 48 – the end of the story is missing. It should read…

"thus confirming our confidence in its accuracy. Congratulations, Elliotts and others. This activity took me back 55 years when, as a boy in London during WW2, I would scour the bombsites for evidence of the previous night’s air raid. This trip has taken at least 10 years off both Roy and my lives and added 20 to Rita's thereby providing a perfect equalisation.

Contributed by Keith Rendell formerly of EMI.

8. Page 79 – insert last few words "Got a few sideways looks from the airport staff and passengers!


9. Page 92. Photograph taken in 1961 not 1999.

10. Pages 101 and 102 – a few small formatting errors – but you’ll probably work it out!

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